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Fa. Van Esch
Eversestraat 23
5491 SR Sint-Oedenrode
The Netherlands
Tel.: + 31 6 12842051
Fax : +31 413 476692

Concrete cowshed floors get slippery when they get older. Because of this the cows can slip and injure themselves. On a slippery floor it’s very difficult to recognise when a cow is on heat. Also the cows visit the manger less frequent (see picture 1 for the difference between a floor with and a floor without treatment).

A cow with strong and healthy paws is active so she can eat more food. Therefore a cow with healthy paws is a healthy cow. To make sure your cows are healthy a new method has been developed.

This new method involves making the floor of the shed rough by grinding grooves into the concrete. The grooves are approximately 1,5 to 2,0 mm deep and 3,0 mm broad. The spaces between the grooves are 4,5 mm broad. Because of this the grooves are extra strong and will stay that way (see picture 2). Because of the large spaces between the grooves it’s also possible to grind the floor horizontal as well as vertical at the turning points of the cattle so they will have a better grasp on the floor (see picture 3). Also, this way of grinding the floor will make sure the paws of the cows wear out evenly. This method is applicable on all sorts of shed floors.

The lifetime of the grating is increased by years:

  • Without damaging the edges of the floor
  • Without leaving rough places in which urine can stay
  • Without being annoyed by a lot of noise
  • Without being annoyed by a lot of dust

Our prices are based on the following conditions:

  • The floor and the edges are cleaned
  • There is a water connection available within 50 meters of the floor
  • The rest water will flow in the dung well
  • There must be a contact person present at all times
  • The edges of the floor will also be grinded
  • In case of unevenness of the floor, small pieces are sometimes grinded less thoroughly
  • The current supply will be arranged by us through an aggregate
  • The machine will be disinfected before and after every use
  • You’ll have to make sure the cows are being replaced yourself if they are in the shed. After doing so, you’ll have to make sure the floors are being cleaned as soon as possible.
  • The grinded surface will be measured by us
  • Everything is done by our skilled personnel.

For more information about the “v. Esch GRIP Systeem” you can contact us by phone at: + 31 6 12842051 or you can send us an e-mail at verkoop@opruwengladdevloeren.nl. If you would like us to contact you. Please fill out the call back form.